[mythtv-users] maxtor drive with buffer i/o errors...how to get data off?

anders smith 4nders at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 20:24:46 EST 2005

It looks like it's working.

I had SpinRite work it over (took 12 hours) and then tried a few other
tools (gpart and fdisk) without  much luck as the partitionmap was
missing. In the end I did a manual reconstruction of the partitionmap
in fdisk (I remembered only having one partition on the drive) and I
tried mounting first with a lot of the usual errors (probably because
it was part of the LVM).....after a reboot the disk came online....I'm
crossing my fingers it will work long enough to get things off the

I'm now copying all the files with cp to a new drive (I'm dropping the
use of LVM but staying with XFS)....it's taking sometime and I did get
some errors initially about some inode problems, but it looks like
it's working. I'll see in the morning.

thanks for your help

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