[mythtv-users] Please explain

Dag Nygren dag at newtech.fi
Wed Dec 14 16:50:13 EST 2005

Hi again,

Still about the auto recording of LiveTV in SVN:
Today I used the feature by noticing that I want to watch
a movie again later and pressed the record button; Very handy,
no request to switch to "Watch recording" instead of LiveTV.
Neat, and I did understand that part of it earlier as well.

But why keep the older parts (usually) of shows for days?
Just the one watched would be fine for the functionality above.
The same for going back in the stream.

Please tell me what feature of MythTV needs this!
It has to be something I am not using yet here, and I really
want to learn.

If there is no reason, please consider giving us an hourly resolution
in the "Keep LiveTV on disk" setup. I cannot afford keeping 24G extra
free space on my disk, at least not all the time.

And no, I am not watching LiveTV all day through, but somtimes the
LiveTV mode is left on by mistake, specially by kids/wife. Already filled my 
twice now.

Thanks for MythTV. (And your patience)


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