[mythtv-users] Anyone have Packard Bell Remote Working? - Update - Dooh!!

Mike Wafkowski mikeyw at sohogurus.net
Wed Dec 14 16:24:33 EST 2005

Just a followup...

Er,uh,  it turns out that I have been struggling on and off for the past 3-4
days trying to get the Packard Bell IR receiver and remote to work
w/Knoppmyth ON THE WRONG SERIAL PORT! I checked the port when I started and
somehow misread the label and never looked at it again.

I've been involved with computers/networking for more than 20 years and I
just relearned the first corrollary of computing  - Hey Dope, it's usually
the cable/connector that's the problem. 8^)

Thanks to those who offered me assistance. For the record, the $10 Packard
Bell receiver/remote works like a charm!

Sheepishly Yours,
Mike Wafkowski

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.> Howdy all - Is there a soul out there who has gotten the ubiquitous cheap
> > Packard Bell IR receiver and remote to work with any recent version of
> > Knoppmyth?
> >
> > I've tried R5A16-22 and 26 and have not got the device to acknowledge it
> > exists. I've read every guide and howto I could find, installed and
> > reinstalled the three mentioned versions of Knoppmyth, compiled three
> > different verisions of  LIRC.
> I have one of these. It's a really good remote for MythTV. I'm not on
> Knoppmyth, though, I'm running FC3 from ATRPMs and it works
> beautifully. I can send you my lircd.conf and lircrc if you like.
> Regards,
> Phill

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