[mythtv-users] Multiple questions from a mythtv newbie...

El Burro daburro at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 16:07:21 EST 2005

So after much trials and tribulations I finally have gotten a MythTV box
mostly up and running...  (Thanks to whoever owns
http://www.zen7175.zen.co.uk/ for RPMs that don't SEGV!)

But I have a few questions...

1.  MythGame

I seem to still have a problem with MythGame starting.  It complains that
the version of xmame is not supported.  From what I can tell from looking in
past messages, all that Myth is doing is a 'xmame -version' command to
validate that xmame is working.  Is this correct?  I'm using xmame.102 and
it works fine if I start it manually.  It will also show the version
correctly (though I do get some Glide error that doesn't seem to effect
anything).  I've also double (and triple) checked my settings, as I've
believe that this error message that I'm getting is displayed for any
configuration error with MythGame.  I've also tried and modify the DB to
reflect that I have no joystick (as mentioned in the MythGame docs
somewhere...) but that doesn't seem to have any effect either.

2.  Myth Plugins

I've also seen some other plugins, such as MythFM that seem interesting to
me.  (If I have this bloody thing connected and on 24/7, might as well be
able to listen to some Internet radio, or use the FM receiver on the
PVR-350...).  Are there plans for making these a part of the official

3.  MythWeb

Perhaps I just can't do this, or perhaps I just don't know better, but is
there a way to create playlists (through MythWeb, or through MythMusic)?  I
can play a directory, or a individual song, but I can't seem to find a way
to create a playlist of multiple songs, and either stream them to another
system (say through MythWeb) or have them play through MythMusic...

Any help would be appreciated.
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