[mythtv-users] Need help / suggestion for building a myth box

Grant Horning ghorning at stalsorphanage.org
Wed Dec 14 08:50:28 EST 2005


For a music manager, give Amarok a try. It sorts music by ID3 tags and
auto downloads extra content (eg. Pics, band info, lyrics). I was
strictly XMMS until I found this. It has a beautiful UI and has
unparalleled features. 


As for the front-end; I think it will be easiest for you to just build a
combination frontend/backend. With computer prices what they are today,
it is not expensive to throw together a machine that can handle these
tasks with extra space to do whatever. Also, you wont have to worry
about networking or powering two machines. 


Some might go the VIA Epia route but that has some headaches and speed
restrictions. Look into Shuttle XPC barebones. They aren't the cheapest
out there, but they have solid reviews. I would recommend getting a
M-Audio Revolution 7.1 if you are an audiophile but onboard will suffice
if its not so picky. 




On 12/13/05, Mythtv Users_Group <mythtv at elmss.com> wrote: 

I'd like to build a Myth system. However, I'm not sure if I can build
just a front-end system. 


Here are my Goals 


- Small Quiet system 

- DVD / Music library (Main Goal)

       I'm tired of having my kid's man handle my DVD's and CD's 


- Encode shows for my Pocket PC when I travel 

- Use my Direct Tivo as my backend encoder (optional)

- DVD Burner to save shows 

- Replace my old stereo system with a Myth system 

       My Direct TV Tivo sound plays through my old Dolby Pro-Logic 5.1
via a RCA connection. No sound comes out of my TV 


- I'd also like to use my Direct TV Tivo remote 

       It has a switch for Satellite receiver or TV


Thanks in advance


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