[mythtv-users] Does anybody know that how MythTV deal with EPG which download from Zap2it.com in North Amercia

YanJun Lu mythtv_sybaselu at yahoo.com.cn
Tue Dec 13 20:59:54 EST 2005

HI team
      It is well know that TV listing that is EPG be written by XML, on the other hand, mythfilldatabase of MythTV to grab EPG data from Zap2it.com in north Amercia while be running.all EPG data be save as a XML file , then Mythtv process the XML file through perl or function.so, I want to know that how can I to get the sample XML file. 
    there are two ways to feed channel table of mythconverg database.
            1. Process XML file through perl or function then insert the data to channel
            2. First dowload a XML file which with EPG data from provider of EPG to local, then process the XML file throuht perl or function of MythTV
    My question is that what my understand is right? 
  Thanks very much any response in advanced.
   Lilo . LU 

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