[mythtv-users] Way to change channel (setchannel doesn't work)

Graham gravety at grahamvoce.com
Tue Dec 13 20:27:26 EST 2005


I am hoping someone can help me.  I have written an external channel
change script that does the following:

1) If the freqid passed in is less that 100 it treats it as a
terrestrial channel and tries to change the channel on the device using
'v4lctl -c /dev/video0 setchannel $1'
2) Else sets channel to the channel my Sky+ RF is on and executes a
channel changer command for my Sky control box.

Trouble is the setchannel doesn't work - I just get a burst of white
then snow!

It works fine through MythTV if I remove the external channel change
command (through setup).  If I try and use xawtv it moans about DGA -
though I did get it working with the '-remote' option but you still
couldn't change channels using setchannel.

I don't know what command MythTV uses to change the channel (as it
works!) any ideas? - Thanks.


Knoppmyth R5A22 (previous: R5A10)
Pundit-r BIOS 1003
Intel Celeron D320 2.4Ghz
2x Pinnacle PCTV Stereo (saa7134) [v4l2]
256MB PC3200 RAM
ATI 9100IGP using ATI 8.18.8
250 GB Samsung 8MB Cache 7200rpm SATA
Sapphire (ATI) Remote Wonder

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