[mythtv-users] A good quiz game for those party nights, for linux??

Dave Hofstra dhofstra at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 19:42:44 EST 2005

The trivia game that is at the bars is pretty cool.  It is made by NTN and they have a website http://www.buzztime.com/ where you can play the bar game live.  I dont really know, but I have alwayst thought you could just somehow link to each of their games in mythbrowser.  It is a java applet that lets you play the game, only thing is it requires a mouse as far as I can tell....  It is also free, and has more trivia than I can handle.  

Dave Hofstra

On 12/13/05, myth-users at jammeh.co.uk <myth-users at jammeh.co.uk  > wrote:
Todd Ignasiak wrote:
> On 12/10/05, *Sami Röppänen* <  sami.roppanen at helsinki.fi
> <mailto:sami.roppanen at helsinki.fi>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     Just a thought... I dont know if you people know these touchscreen  
>     quiz machines laying around the service stations and restaurants...
>     I admit I am a bit addicted to the quiz part of those machines, and
>     can't understand why nobody hasn't made them into linux games.. What  
>     is more fun than that with some good friends...

> I suppose a basic trivia quiz game would be very easy to do as a web
> application..  Simply linking the questions & answers would be no  
> problem.    Probably the biggest difficulty would be to get a good
> database of trivia questions.

Probably the easiest way to find a decent list of suitable trivia
questions would be via the irc quiz bots that have literally thousands  
of daft questions to ask. Many of these are released as open source.

A google with various combinations of "quiz infobot trivia questions
irc" might be productive.


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