[mythtv-users] automatically launching VideoLan or Windows Media Player with .NUV files?

Raphael Pooser rpooser at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 16:30:40 EST 2005

Torbjörn Jansson wrote:

> 2005/12/13, Raphael Pooser <rpooser at gmail.com <mailto:rpooser at gmail.com>>:
>     yeah, both good suggestions.
>     As I just recently upgraded my windows machine and reinstalled windows
>     and then dsmyth, I cannot try these yet because now any player will
>     crash when trying to play nuv files!  I suspected the open from
>     backend
>     would help, and maybe transcoding to mpeg4 with smaller file
>     sizes.  The
>     crashing problem is a windows thing, so once I solve that I will
>     retest
>     it.  thanks
>     Raphael
> you probably have a bad codec installed, the problem usualy is to 
> figure out which one :-)
> once you know which one it is you just have to unregister it with 
> something like "regsvr32 /u name_of_the_file.dll"
> and stay away from codec packs, they usualy just cause problems.
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Yes, I do believe it is related to ffdshow.  It has had little problems 
here and there with stability while playing some types of files that 
should have no problems.  I'll try removing it and see what happens.  cheers

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