[mythtv-users] Touchscreen

GREG & AMY LINDLEY glindley2 at msn.com
Tue Dec 13 16:26:28 EST 2005


No, I haven't pointed out mythtv functionality specifically.  Mythtv will 
work with a mouse and since a touchscreen functions just like a mouse (just 
a different /dev device in the xorg.conf file), there really isn't anything 
special that needs to be done.  You can navigate the menus simply by putting 
your finger on them.  I did it because, well lets face it, although some 
folks are adept at using remotes, others are well, not.  The menu system in 
MythTV is easy enough to navigate with a touchscreen for those who can't 
figure out the (typically) mislabeled remote or don't care to try.  Besides, 
it was a fun project 8).  Best source is probably the IBM article pointed 
out earlier:



>   I saw an article on slashdot the other day that pointed to your IBM
>I think it's interesting that you were able to make this work with
>myth... have you shared how you made myth work with the touchscreen
>before?  I think there are lots of people out there that might like
>this kind of functionality.  Good work!

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