[mythtv-users] how many concurrent recordings possible? in HD?

mrwester mrwester at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 14:55:50 EST 2005

> You might also consider moving your playback to a 2nd machine. If you
> remove playback from that existing machine, it should be able to keep
> up fine with HD recording/etc.
> In my experience the frontend process is very spikey (as are video
> drivers), which can wreck havoc with dmas/irqs and getting stable
> recordings.
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Thanks, While I think you're right  about this  - in general, I don't think
it's the cause of my problems.  Tonight I will try shutting down the
frontend on this box and see if by chance that makes a difference, but
somehow I doubt it will matter.  I see the corrupt video show up solely
dependent upon co-capture with the PVR-350.  It doesn't matter if I'm
watching live HDTV or have the frontened main menu displayed and I'm just
capturing standard definition digital content.  Concurrent recording with 1
or even both tuners of the PVR-500 does nothing to the stability of the
FusionHDTV 5 lite stream, it is fine.  In addition, I can capture with both
PVR-500 tuners and the PVR-350 tuner all at the same time and see no issues
with any of the streams...  Finally, it doesn't seem to matter whether I'm
capturing HDTV stream at approx 7GB/hr or standard definition digital stream
at 1GB/hr.

Without the PVR-350 in the box- and I'm only using it as a 3rd analog tuner,
not for TV-out, the system is rock solid- and the only time I have any
issues is when the PVR-350 is capturing.  In all honesty, I'd just take the
card out, but I'm using it for the remote control.  I know I could just run
a 2 analog, 1 digital tuner setup and leave the PVR-350 unconfigured, but it
"should" work fine and if the card is installed in the system, I might as
well enable the tuner for the extremely rare need for 3 concurrent analog
capture streams.
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