[mythtv-users] Cannot watch recordings

Markus Heikkilä markus.heikkila at iki.fi
Wed Dec 14 13:43:03 EST 2005

build 8239 (and some older from last week or so)

In watch recrodings screen, select a recording, screen goes black and 
frontend stops responding.

 From frontend log:

2005-12-13 20:48:27.258 RingBuf(/home/mythtv/1017_20051210205000.mpg): 
OpenFile(/home/mythtv/1017_20051210205000.mpg, 6)
mpegts_read_header: read_packet() failed
2005-12-13 20:52:25.579 AFD Error: avformat err(-1) on 
av_open_input_file call.
2005-12-13 20:52:25.579 Couldn't open decoder for: 

Have I missed some software requirement or what is going on?


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