[mythtv-users] Killer system or overkill?

Grant Horning ghorning at stalsorphanage.org
Tue Dec 13 12:52:18 EST 2005

Let me clarify...
	Software RAID 5 will consume approx 20% cpu under a heavy I/O
load. The disk performance will be very good but you must remember that
cpu time is also very important. With dual cores, software raid 5 won't
be a problem at all. With a single core, I would be worried about maxing
out the cpu. You can see some benchmarks at

Also, don't worry about the onboard raid chip. You wont be using it
anyway. Linux has its own software raid. Try 'man md'. 

My advice for a kick-ass system that will do more than just let you
watch HDTV.
		Get dual cores
		Get 2GB ram (see benchmarks)
		Use software raid 5
		Get a case with great airflow + lots of power

I'm not sure if JFS or XFS perform the same as EXT3 or Reiser under RAID
5. That might be worth looking into. 


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> I think the RAID might be a bad idea. Onboard SATA raid is software
> raid. This is bad because software raid does NOT perform well under
> heavy I/O loads.(at least from what ive read). If you want speed,
> go with a Raptor 10k drive and write a script that will "dd" your
> recordings to a large drive every night.
> -Grant

    Not sure what gave you this impression, but this isn't true close
to true for my case.

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> Is dual-core overkill?  It's reasonable on the margin from a single
> 3800+, but if a 3200+ single-core is sufficient, that's a lot cheaper.
> Is this board a reasonable choice with a dual-core Athlon?
> Thanks for any insight,
> Le

    I'm running a FE on a sempron 3100 thats playing HDTV too- granted
I wouldn't build another machine with this in mind but dual cores is a
bit of an "overkill" if you JUST want to play HDTV.  Now, if you want
to do transcoding, you've pretty much got a perfect system.
    Also, time saving tip: avoid those crappy on board raid chip sets
like the plague.  Software raid does the same thing but with code that
isn't going to randomly cause problems for you.
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