[mythtv-users] Commercial Flagging, what are the best

Beny Spensieri Jr benyjr at yahoo.ca
Tue Dec 13 12:04:05 EST 2005

>From: Phil Bridges <gravityhammer at gmail.com>
>On 12/13/05, Beny Spensieri Jr <benyjr at yahoo.ca>
>> I have found that the commercial flagging feature
>> Mythtv is not doing a great job of flagging
>> commercials.  As a result, playback is not skipping
>> the commercials as I have indicated.
>> Any advise on what combination of settings will
>> produce the most accurate commercial detection?
>> Thanks,
>> Beny
>Just out of curiosity - have you set the frontend to
>skip commercials?  Are you using the 'z' key to skip?
>What are your current detection settings?

I initially set it to blank frame detection, which
didn't work very well.  Then I set it to blank frame +
scene change, this is also not great.

I have now set commercial detection to ALL, but I have
yet to record and test anything yet.

I have set playback to automatically skip the

Anything else?



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