[mythtv-users] automatically launching VideoLan or Windows Media Player with .NUV files?

Torbjörn Jansson torbjorn.jansson at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 11:52:52 EST 2005

2005/11/21, Raphael Pooser <rpooser at gmail.com>:

> It seems that the only way you can stream things is if you use mythweb
> or if you set up video lan to stream things on the host machine and then
> receive it on your windows machine, is that right?  So, using dsmyth and
> then just clicking on a file on windows explorer from a shared directory
> on a mythtv machine is totally different.  I'm asking because right now
> when I view video on my windows machine it stutters at times and plays
> with low framerate.  The sound continues on at normal speed and the
> video completely goes out of sync in a very short time.  It seems that
> my video files (about 8000Kbits/sec for rtjpeg, 3000Kbps for mpeg4) are
> taking too much bandwidth as windows is treating them as if they were
> local files and it can't get the data off the myth machine fast enough,
> since the myth machine is on 802.11g wireless.  Even then 8000kbps
> shouldn't be enough to cause any problems though so I don't fully
> understand it.  Lastly, VLS cannot play rtjpeg yet it seems, even with
> the dsmyth filters installed, while windows media player can.  Does
> anyone have a good player suggestion they use for this stuff?
> Raphael

asuming its the network speed that is your problem, if you want to
experiment a little there is one or two thing you coud try.

in the configuration program for the dsmyth filters, there is a checkbox
called something like "always open files from backend" (can't remeber
exactly what i named it), make sure that box is checked.
now, when you open a nuv file (nupplevideo type, not mpeg) from a samba
share, the file will be streamed from the backend instead (transparent to
the mediaplayer).
this should use less bandwidth than playing it directly from samba share.

if you still have problems, you can try to increase the size of the local
ringbuffer in the dsmyth config program, maybe somewere around 500Mb to 1gb
or something like that (make sure you have enough diskspace for it).
when you start playback hit pause and wait a while for the ringbuffer to
fill up, then resume playback and check if there is any difference.
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