[mythtv-users] red_eye script

Neil Bird neil at fnxweb.com
Tue Dec 13 08:05:21 EST 2005

Around about 09/12/05 11:32, Craig Tinson typed ...
> Would still like to see your skychannel script / collate script - it 
> sounds like you have a very similar setup to me - UK+PVR250 etc.. if you 
> wouldn't mind sharing - I'll look through the list for the last month 
> and see if I can find that version too.

   For ref., here's a copy of the response I sent Craig off-list from home, 
without all the attachment padding:

 > P.S. and your script is *still* more reliable than anything else I've
 > found - and a couple of days ago I switched to SVN - and to be honest it
 > feels like channel changing is even quicker with SVN/your script.

   Heh;  brave man.  I was actually considering it, but there's too much on 
ATM and I couldn't deal with going back to VCR :)   Plus, just as I started 
thinking about it I read a thread about LiveTV beung broken for  a while in 
SVN, so it kind of put me off.

   The only thing I'd gain from SVN would be proper myth-controlled LCD (esp. 
mythmusic, which is *why* I wanted to get an LCD).  But I've got the LCD 
working pretty-much OK now [apart from the music] anyway.

   Ah yes, let me dig out the link:


   21.99, plus 6.99 for a desk stand (same site).  I stupidly managed to buy 
the blue/black one [not paying enough attention] and had to replace it with 
the blue/white :-/

   It's currently on my main PC, but this or next W/E I'm running a new cable 
from my PVR (in cupboard) so I can hang it off that & display it next to my TV.

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