[mythtv-users] Re: Anybody working on Nokia 770 front end?

Joshua King jkingkard-hotmail at yahoo.com.au
Tue Dec 13 05:59:21 EST 2005

On 13/12/05 3:22 AM, "sarvinc at fastmail.fm" <sarvinc at fastmail.fm> wrote:

>> Why not use mythstream to transcode it to 3GPP H.264/AAC at CIF
>> resolution? I would like to do this on my treo, but so far the only H.264
>> player I found does NOT support AAC. I guess I couldget MP3 Audio, but I
>> want to try to stay 3GPP so it works with the most phones out there.
>> -Nathan
> I know Apple audio devices use AAC aside from that I have no idea what you're
> talking about. I'm not sure if my suggestion will be helpful or not, but have
> you taken a look at The Core Media Player for your treo?
> http://tcpmp.corecodec.org/about
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To chip in, I've used Myth's job queue and a hacked up nuvexport (2 separate
techniques) to create 3GPP compliant files from software encoded television
shows before. It's not H.264 you're looking for it's H263, or MPEG4 for
video and the sound should be Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) or possibly AAC *if
the device and player support it*.

I used a Nokia N-Gage, which plays H263/AMR in a 3GPP container natively, or
you can buy pvPlayer ( http://www.packetvideo.com/solutions/products.html )
For Symbian OS which supports MPEG4.

Then you just put the files on a memory card.

The difference you have here is that you could use the WiFi to stream the
files live. I'm not sure if 3GPP's container streams and I know you'd have
to specially build VLC (used by MythStreamTV) to compile in some of the
above codecs you'll need. But worth a shot if you had the hardware, but if I
was in the house, I'd just watch it on a normal frontend.

Joshua King

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