[mythtv-users] Xine issues

Peter Osterberg Peter at supergirl.se
Tue Dec 13 02:59:07 EST 2005

I use XINE for playing DVD's since it has the ability to handle 
DVD-menus. It works fine but I can't get it to integrate with Myth as I 
can with Mplayer.
Mplayer starts almost instantly and doesn't show the KDE desktop before 
it starts. Anyway thats a minor problem but if anyone know please tell 
me how to stop XINE from bringing the desktop to the front.

The second problem is a bit more irritating. It seems that Xine doesn't 
decode the video "fast" enough. I get strange behaviors on fast moving 
scenes. On slow scenes detail is very good but it gets "jerky" in the 
fast ones.
I had this problem with ordinary TV in Myth before but someone pointed 
me to a setting that eliminated this problem. Are there any equal 
settings in Xine that will do the same?

Peter Ísterberg

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