[mythtv-users] myth.rebuilddatabase.pl issues

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Dec 12 21:56:00 EST 2005

Adam Egger wrote:

>Does myth.reuilddatabase.pl work with the new names in svn? I have
>some missing db entries for several files but the script doesn't seem
>to work anymore with SVN.
>It still tries to rename to the old name convention with
>chan_start_end.nuv and doesn't have and DB info the the renamed files
>when it tries to run mythconverg on this file.
>On some old nuv-files from my analog card it tries to import but then
>it says "execute failed: Duplicate entry".
>Is it still supposed to work with the old nuv files?
All covered in the ticket description:


If it really bothers you (more than it did me), see the post I 
referenced in the description.  It describes a better approach for 
fixing the script (which entails rewriting it based off Chris Petersen's 
mythrename.pl script), but I don't use myth.rebuilddatabase enough to 
warrant the time required for a proper fix.


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