[mythtv-users] Press select to change the channel in the program guide

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Dec 12 20:09:26 EST 2005

Paul Sicard wrote:

> I figured out what's going on (at least in the version of MythTV in 
> Knoppmyth R5A26).  If it's described anywhere, I can't find it, so for 
> the benefit of others...
> It seems that the guide you bring up from Live TV ("Show Program 
> Guide" in the "TV Playback" section in Mythweb keybinding 
> configuration) behaves differently from the "Program Guide" 
> ("Jumppoint" in Mythweb keybinding configuration).
> The former has a live TV window in the upper right hand corner and you 
> can select channels from it.
> The latter has no live TV and you cannot switch to a live tv channel 
> from it, only set up recordings.
> That seems totally counterintuitive - the guide should act the same 
> everywhere.  Why take away functionality in some places?  A bug?
So, if the "Program Guide" in the "Manage Recordings" page takes you to 
LiveTV, how would you schedule a recording?

In other words, the jump point takes you to the "Manage Recordings" 
program guide.  In LiveTV, use the menu ("M") to get to the program guide.


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