[mythtv-users] Is there any ordering dependencybetween transcodingand commflagging?

Mike Grusin mgrusin at comcast.net
Mon Dec 12 17:37:57 EST 2005

Thanks Raphael!  I didn't even realize there was an onscreen menu when
watching recordings (d'oh!).  Thus it's far better than my solution, which
was nothing. =D

Best, -MG

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> Mike Grusin wrote:
> >What I'd like to know, is if there's an easy way to toggle
> auto-skip on and
> >off while watching a recording?  Rewinding into the commercial zone, you
> >have to be very careful not to hit that first "jump" or it helpfully
> >shuttles you around it again...
> >
> >-MG.
> >
> >
> Yup that would be an annoying problem to hit the jump point again.
> Probably you knew this already and this is not your "easy" solution,
> but, just map the key 'm' to somewhere on your remote to get your on
> screen menu (or hit the m button on your keyboard of course, or whatever
> key you mapped it to).  In there is the commercial autoskip option for
> the current recording.  Select the menu item and you get a set of
> checkboxes.  Just hit autoskip off, or notify only.  Have to do it
> sometimes myself for those shows where the commflag is messed up, and it
> skips the commercials in the last 10 min of a show, but skips all the
> way to end of the recording by accident.
> Raphael
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