[mythtv-users] advice needed on HD-3000 and PVR-350

Chris Gentle gentlec at hiwaay.net
Mon Dec 12 15:19:16 EST 2005

Hi.  I'm considering purchasing an HD-3000 and I'd like a little
advice.  I currently have two Hauppauge PVR-350 cards in two
separate machines.  Both machines have fairly low-end hardware so I
use the decoder on both 350 cards.  Output is excellent, by the way.  :)

If I purchase one of these cards, can the captured files from the
HD-3000 be transcoded into a stream that can be played back through
the 350's decoder?  The machines are really not fast enough to play
back without the decoder.

Speaking of transcoding, does MythTV use the actual 'transcode'
program or does it use its own internal transcoding?


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