[mythtv-users] Hard disk access

Mike Grusin mgrusin at comcast.net
Mon Dec 12 12:08:40 EST 2005

> As opposed to once every 5 seconds without Myth running?
> Your machine is always logging, linux has always been this way.

This made me curious, so I tried a few things:

With everything but Myth running, my HD light blinks faintly every 30

With mythbackend running (and a single commercial flagging job running,
which was queued at the time), there's hardly any more disk access than
above, which surprised me.

Adding mythfrontend, the light blinks at ~2Hz.  It blinks much more when
watching live TV, transcoding, etc., but I've never seen it blink less.  I
show 122MB free RAM, so I don't -think- it's swapping, but ?

> Disconnect the light and you won't worry about it so much. ;-)

Nah, I like blinky lights. ;) My probably naive concern is that hopefully
Myth (and the underlying distro) would minimize disk access to maximize the
lifetime of the drive(s) (I do know that Linux configuration is my
responsibility ;).  Other than that, I'm just curiuous how Myth works.

> Is the Myth transcoding daemon running: process - 'mtd' ?

I don't see it (if the correct way to do this is: ps -e | grep mtd).  Don't
get me wrong, Myth is working GREAT for me (giant kudos to the developers).
My curiosity was just spurred by this discussion.

Best, -Mike.

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