[mythtv-users] Audio problems - Do I need new hardware?

Raphael Pooser rpooser at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 10:57:21 EST 2005

James C. Dastrup wrote:

>Using 0.18.1, I have two audio problems, both of which I've researched quite a bit,
>but thought I would check one last time if any solutions are available. I'm using an
>ASUS P4P800-VM with on-board AC'97 audio using optical audio out to a 
>receiver. Digital audio works fine for HDTV and DVD.  The two problems are:
>1) Very annoying, loud, audio drum-beat-like sound when playback stops, only
>occurs occasionally. Happens when stopping liveTV, Recorded, mplayer, etc.
>2) MythMusic plays back ripped audio too fast, chipmunk-style.
>>From what I can tell, most people don't experience these problems, and some have
>suggested the MythMusic problems is due to cheap audio hardware.
>If I'm going to buy an add-on PCI Audio Card, can anyone recommend one that
>is known to work well with linux/MythTV?
I can recommend against a sound blaster live value, but only based on 
personal experience.  There may be others here who have it working 
fine... But I confirmed my problem not to be motherboard compatibility 
as I was able to switch out motherboards easily and still had sound 
issues -er, I should mention I was using via mobos albiet different 
chipsets.  My onboard sound actually works perfectly, way better than 
the SBlive did, so I use that.  It seems people have good success with 
the orginal audigy.  I know that sounds crazy because it also uses the 
emu10k1.  Maybe the issue with the value is that it's extra crappy for 
your value and the regular live maybe fine.  Also, I don't know how much 
of it is "cheap", because I got an old ensoniq audio pci working just 
fine in linux (es1370), also better working than the live value.  More 
than likely you could still find both of those cards on ebay (well got 
an audigy from creative directly off ebay the other day).

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