[mythtv-users] fanless Epia, Mediamvp or network dvd player for frontend?

Fred Squires fsquires at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 09:25:38 EST 2005

> Epia - My current frontend/backend is an epia. I'd just be replacing
it with a fanless frontend-only box. Works very well but has a few
> annoying bugs which might go away with another box - judging by how
> infrequently these problems are discussed on this list they don't
> affect everyone: Lipsync can get bad, Horrible audio chirping after
> skipping forwards, more prevalent on recordings from some channels
> than others. Pros: can attach hd, dvd. Cons: expensive, big.

About your audio problems, try enabling extra audio buffering in the
playback settings.  Of course, it might already be on.

I probably still have a few (well, now a whole bunch) gmail invites.
Drop me a line (off list) if you'd like an account.
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