[mythtv-users] PAL tv output PVR350; X display screen size is to small

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Mon Dec 12 07:02:30 EST 2005


I'm using a freshly installed MythTV on Gentoo Linux, running kernel 2.6.14 
with ivtv 0.4.0-r2. I'm using a Hauppauge 350. Watching live tv and 
recordings is no problem through the "tv-out" of the PVR350.

However, when I display "mythfrontend" on the X-display (which is directed 
through the tv-out to my tv) or when I display the "electronic program 
guide" while watching live-tv, the screen size is a little bit wrong. The 
actual displayed screen is smaller than what X thinks so I lose a couple of 
pixels on the "sides". Enough pixles though so that the EPG and the menus 
from mythfrontend become unusuable.

Any hints on how to solve this? Thanks in advance!

This is a part of my xorg.conf and modules ivtv.

---- xorg.conf ---
Section "Monitor"
   Identifier "PAL Monitor"
   HorizSync 30-68
   VertRefresh 50-120
   Mode "720x576"
    DotClock 41.476
    HTimings 720 752 840 928
    VTimings 576 580 584 600
    Flags    "-HSync" "-VSync"

Section "Device"
    Identifier "Hauppauge PVR 350"
#    Driver "fbdev"
    Driver "ivtvdev"
    Option "fbdev" "/dev/fb1"
    BusID "PCI:2:2:0"
#    Driver "fbdev"
#    Option "ivtv" "/dev/fb1"

Section "Screen"
    Identifier "TV Screen"
    Device "Hauppauge PVR350"
    Monitor "PAL Monitor"
    DefaultDepth 24
    DefaultFbbpp 32
    Subsection "Display"
      Depth 24
      FbBpp 32
      Modes "720x576"

--- modules.d/ivtv ----
alias char-major-81     videodev
alias char-major-81-0   ivtv
alias char-major-81-1   ivtv
alias char-major-61 lirc_i2c
options tuner type=5 pal=1
options msp3400 once=1 simple=1
add below ivtv msp3400 saa7115 saa7127 tuner

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