[mythtv-users] False "previously recorded" flag for new episode?

Mark Oliver mark_oliver at java2000.com
Sun Dec 11 23:49:27 EST 2005

Universo Dos Mil wrote:

> For some reason, tonight's new episode of Grey's Anatomy (which had 
> the correct Zap2It description & whatnot) didn't record on my Myth 
> box, being marked as "previously recorded," even though it obviously 
> wasn't. Anyone know why this happened and if there's a fix?
> Thanks!
> -David

If you go into Manage Recordings -> Upcoming Recordings and then select 
the show (it will probably be designated 'R' indicating that show has 
already been recorded), you can then choose the option 'record anyway'  
Not much help for a past event, though.

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