[mythtv-users] Fast-forward/rewind does not work after 50 minutes over remote frontend

Jake jakeisawake at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 19:46:19 EST 2005

>  I have mine mounted so I can use nuvexport on both machines.
>  I thought Myth always did it's own streaming, regardless of whether the
> backend drive is mounted somehow.  Unless there's something I don't know,
> the filesize limits shouldn't be an issue, right?

i think that if the video dir is mounted locally myth will try to use
that first and stream over the myth protocol as a last resort.  i seem
to remember reading about this in the past but maybe i'm way off.

nfsv2 has a 2gig file size limit.  whereas nfsv3 and later does not. 
so if you're mounting over nfs make sure you're using nfsv3 i would
guess as a starting point.

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