[mythtv-users] how many concurrent recordings possible? in HD?

Wade Maxfield mythtv at hotblack.co.nz
Sun Dec 11 19:16:58 EST 2005

>If I get a chance to switch some cards/slots around tomorrow, I'll 
>see if it makes any difference, but from lspci, it appears that the 
>PVR-350 is sharing with tuner 1 of the PVR-500 and the fusionHDTV 5 
>lite is sharing with tuner 2 of the PVR-500.  I've got to re-do the 
>experiment and go to the logs to see what's going on, but my wife 
>wanted to catch up on a few days of unwatched shows, so the system 
>was in use all evening...  If anyone has ideas, I'm open to 
>suggestions.   Thanks,

I don't think switching some slots around will make much difference. 
Biggest difference between your system (with glitches) and John 
without glitches is he isn't reliant on a single spindle for 
recording.  You're using a 2 disk LVM which may mean that all your 
I/O is on a single spindle, while John is striped across 5 spindles. 
There's a big difference there...

Switiching may make a difference as to which stream(s) suffer the corruption.

  - Wade

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