[mythtv-users] Moving recordings onto DVD with subtitles

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Sun Dec 11 14:41:40 EST 2005

    Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 11:20:05 +0000
    From: Piers Kittel <mythtv at biased.org>

    Hello all,

    As I'm deaf, I require to watch TV with subtitles - there's no choice 
    for me really.  Anyway, I'm using MythTV taken from SVN only so I can 
    have subtitle support which 0.18.1 doesn't have.  My hard drive is 
    filling with programs I want to keep, and I want to transfer it to video 
    DVD but I want to peserve the subtitles - i.e. I can put it in my bog 
    standard DVD player, start playing and select "English Subtitles" and it 
    works.  How can I do this if it's any way possible?  If selection is not 
    possible, is it possible to "paste" subtitles on the screen making "open 
    captions", and if this isn't possible, what are my options?

One more piece of this---if you're going with the solution of just
dumping the CC into a file using Hui Zhou's utility, you don't
necessarily have to use the SVN MythTV.  I'm using 0.18.1, in which
the UI checkbox to enable subtitling doesn't work with ivtv 0.4.0 or
0.4.1 (I'm using both on various machines), but you can enable it
yourself by calling
  ivtvctl -b wss,cc -x 1 -d /dev/video0
for each of video0, 1, ... that you may have capturing video,
and by calling
  ivtvctl -w wss,cc      -d /dev/video0
for each card you have displaying video (e.g., a -350 that you use for
capturing and display should have both lines, and a -250 should have
only the first).  This needs to be enabled once per boot; I just put
the appropriate lines in /etc/init.d/mythbackend after it starts
mythbackend itself.  (If you do this, note that, in my distro at
least, ivtvctl lives in /usr/local/bin/, but the default path for
init scripts doesn't include that directory, so you may have to
write /usr/local/bin/ivtvctl instead.)

I don't know if capturing CC data works at all in ivtv releases prior
to 0.4.0, so I'd recommend upgrading to there if you try this in an
earlier release and it doesn't work.  (Don't upgrade until you try it,
of course---no point possibly going through the hassle of upgrading
and maybe breaking a working configuration if the current one works
well enough...)

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