[mythtv-users] lcd display time

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Sun Dec 11 04:55:05 EST 2005

> Is mythtv suppose to display the time for ever after it displays the
> show or song that's been select. It scrolls the song name and then the
> time shows up, I like to see the time but not until the next song. Any
> way to have mythtv flip back and forth between time and the current
> song/tv show? I've got the delay set to 15 seconds and it never flips
> back to the song name.

You don't say what version you're running but that issue was fixed about 2
months ago in SVN. I'm running rev 7738 (pre-LiveTV changes) and its OK on
that whereas it was all over the place in 18.1

Robin Gilks

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