[mythtv-users] Video distortion/fracturing at top quarter of screen

Hallous hallous at gmail.com
Sat Dec 10 19:53:35 EST 2005


I've been looking around for anyone else that might have experienced this
issue but so far haven't found anything similiar.

The problem is that after viewing live tv for a while (anywhere from 5 min
to 5 hours) the top quarter of the screen becomes fractured/distorted, it's
kinda of hard to explain.  While this is happening the rest of the screen is
fine except that the quality degrades (or appears so) so that artifacts
begin becoming obvious.  I can fix this problem by exiting live tv then
re-entering, the screen will look fine for a while then.  So far I haven't
seen this problem on scheduled recordings.

Here's my software:
MythTv 0.18
Gentoo x86_64 2005 2.6.14 kernel
ATI fglrx binary driver
ivtv 0.4

--anything else??

ATI 9700 PRO
AMD 64 3000
Nforce 3 chipset (Using onboard sound)

I'm pretty sure this is a recording issue either associated with the PVR
card or MythTv.  It's definitely not the TV-OUT, I can escape out of live-tv
and the screen is fine.

Any help would be very appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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