[mythtv-users] How do I get rid of old erring jobs?

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Sat Dec 10 17:14:28 EST 2005

    Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2005 09:04:46 -0800
    From: Jarod Wilson <jarod at wilsonet.com>

    I seem to recall either the select or menu button on my remote popping a
    dialog that let me delete jobs. Of course, now I try that just now, looking
    at some jobs that recently ran to completion, and all I get is the requeue
    choices. Odd. It was just a few days ago that a job that didn't run
    successfully was sitting in there, and one of the menu choices was to delete
    the job...

Are you running 0.18.1 or SVN?  (I'm running 0.18.1.)

In my particular case, the menu button on my remote isn't mapped
to any action at all on that particular page, and its OK butten
(basically Enter/Select) pops up the Requeue menu.  I've tried a
few other buttons at random, but I'm reluctant to try them all,
since who knows -what- might happen...

I find it really, really irritating that the Myth UI has no keystroke
self-documentation in it at all, and wish that this was a development
priority---it would save a lot of dumb questions (like mine here) to
the list and elsewhere.  As far as I know, the only way (without
grovelling through all the sources) to figure out what actions exist is
to look at the keymapping page of mythweb, which is itself obscure and
might not even be installed, and probably isn't complete---my mythweb
only lists 3 different contexts, and I'll bet there are more, but I'd
probably have to inspect the database to figure that out or what
they're called (and then maybe modify mythweb to display them).

The -right- thing would be to, by default, have some HELP action that
is (by default) mapped to the -same- key on the keyboard in -every-
page, and which could (by default, with appropriate LIRC entries) be
mapped to the -same- key on the remote in -every- page.  Then it would
be totally trivial for someone to say, "What can I do here, and what
keys will do it for me?"  Sure, it'd be hard to backtranslate action
names to key names in the presence of LIRC, but at least it would tell
you what the keyboard could do, and at least it would tell you what
you -might- want to define in your lircrc to go in the forward direction.

But I bet that trying to raise the usability issue again won't do much.

For the moment, unless somebody can figure out how this is mapped, I
may have to resort to doing surgery on my database to get these jobs
to go away.  That's dangerous for a whole number of reasons.  (For
starters, once I find them in one table, I'm not sure if other things
in other tables will depend on them being there, so it means I'll have
to read the code to figure out how job deletion is supposed to work in
general.  Surely there's a better way... :)

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

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