[mythtv-users] Pluto!

Joshua Lewis jmlewis at dslextreme.com
Sat Dec 10 15:05:04 EST 2005

Back story:
I am building a house in KY (insert Red Neck Joke Here!) and am designing
the house around homeentertainment.

quad CAT6 drops in every room
Dual AV jacks in every room
Built in speakers in lots of rooms

MythTV in the basement
dumb terminals at each TV.

Then I found another product called Pluto. www.plutohome.com

It uses MythTV for Tivo like functionality. But uses other programs to
control the home. A smart home or Home automation. climate control,
Lights, TV, Astrik PBX, Security. All sorts of goodies.

It is completely open source. This seems to good to be true. Has anyone
used MythTV and Pluto and have any experiances to share?

Pluto can use bluetooth from your handheld or Cell phone to have your
MythTV program follow you from room to room to room. Cool. Ok I need to
stop watching so much TV.

Anyone heard anything about Pluto? Good or bad?

Thank you,
Joshua Lewis

Thank you,
Joshua Lewis

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