[mythtv-users] Need to prioritise cards/inputs for live tv

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat Dec 10 13:20:37 EST 2005

John Andersen wrote:
> On 12/4/05, Bruce Markey <bjm at lvcm.com> wrote:
>> W.Kenworthy wrote:
>>> I am not at the machine to try this: is it possible to just renumber the
>>> cards within the database?  e.g, the cardid field in a number of tables.
>>> What else?
>> Yes, in the capturecard and cardinput tables only. However
>> it may be just as easy and less error prone to truncate these
>> tables then reenter the cards and inputs with mythtv-setup.
>> In either case, make a DB backup first.
> Are you sure this works?

Positive. Unlike hundreds of other people who pull things out of
their own ass that sound plausible to them then try to pass them
off as the truth, I try to post factual information. Either I know,
find out, or don't post.

>   My two backends seem
> to prefer the card that appears second in the list of cards.
> In the CaptureCard Table
> Card 1 is in master
> Card 2 is in slave
> Similarly, in the CardInput table
> The first Cardinput points to capturecard 1
> The second Cardinput points to Capturecard 2
> And the first card selected for live tv is capturecare 2 in the slave.

Selecting a card for live tv is not the same as the order of
preference for placing shows in the schedule. I find it fascinating
that you chose to reply to part of one of my messages from this
thread but ignored the entire explanation that had just been given.

Keith C wrote:
> There is a card priority field that works very well for me.  Its in the 
> setup program.

Explained above and below.

--  bjm

Nope. Input preference has no impact on live tuner selection.

For live, by default it chooses an available card with the same
hostname as the requesting frontend. If none, it chooses the lowest
numbered cardid that is available. If none it shows a warning message.
The default input for the chosen card is initially used. Pressing
"Y" switches to the next higher available card and wraps after the
highest number. If I have five card and I'm sitting at the host for
card 4 while card 2 is in use, it will pick card 4. "Y" changes to
5. "Y' again goes to 1 and again goes to 3.

If the avoid conflict with the scheduler is checked, it ignores
hostnames and chooses the highest numbered card available. "Y" still
counts up and wraps.

For recording, for a the same showing with the same priority score,
it choose the lowest numbered cardinputid available for the sourceid
of the channel. If there are two single input cards for one video
source, the input on card 1 will be chosen unless there is a higher
priority show already assigned then it will choose card 2. If the
Input preference is higher for cardinputid 2, the showing for card
2 is considered first (priority +1) before the showing on card 1
(priority +0). Therefore the episode wins the spot on the preferred
card 2 before the same showing on card 1 is ever considered.

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