[mythtv-users] Scheduling priorities based on subtitles/widescreen/stereo/etc?

Kim Wall kim at ductilebiscuit.net
Sat Dec 10 13:14:19 EST 2005

I was just helping a mythtv-using friend fiddle around with channel 
priorities in order to avoid recording from a DVB mux with 
intermittently flaky reception (they live in a rented house, and the 
aerial could be better).  This seems to have solved their problem 
nicely, but it got me thinking...

As my partner is deaf, I want to record programmes with subtitles if at 
all possible.  For reasons that probably make sense to the 
broadcasters[1], here in the UK programmes are sometimes shown several 
times, but only some showings have subs (For example, HIGNFY[2] is shown 
on a Friday within hours of being recorded, and repeated the following 
day with subtitles added.  Numb3rs is shown on ITV3 without subs, but is 
repeated on ITV1 with subtitles.)

It occurred to me that, given listings data that accurately reflects the 
availability of subtitles, the scheduler could use this as a factor when 
deciding which programmes to record, in much the same way that it can 
prioritise channels or tuners.  I don't think myth includes this 
functionality already?

Of course, this need not be limited to subtitles/captions.  It could be 
equally useful for preferring or avoiding stereo, widescreen, audio 
description, commercials, hdtv, additional language tracks, in-vision 
signing, scifi that's been cut to shreds to be shown in 'children's' 
slots, etc.  Basically any of these programme features that can be 
derived from the listings data and stored in the database (I've looked, 
and it appears to have fields for subtitles, captions, stereo and hdtv - 
though tv_grab_uk_rt doesn't appear to be populating them, I assume this 
works with other countries' providers.).

Any thoughts?


[1] I suspect laziness combined with differing accessibility legislation 
targets across channels (analogue terrestrial legally has to have a 
higher percentage of subtitled output than DSAT, for example).

[2] Have I Got News For You - topical BBC panel game thing.

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