[mythtv-users] STAY AWAY FROM WI-FI !!! <- a bit extreme

Bill Bill at explosivo.com
Sat Dec 10 00:45:41 EST 2005

Sorry, but I had to see the subject change.

Wifi is a networking medium.  Like all, its subjective to many
different things.  Like running 100Mb over CAT-3 or worse. That will
give you strangeness.

So if you have a house that is built like a faraday cage, then yes -
wifi is not for you.  But telling everyone to avoid it is like telling
everyone DONT EAT PEANUTS cause you are allergic to them.  

Personally I would love to have the outside of my house constructed in
such a fashion to keep signals from leaking out.  Of course with my
luck it would turn the house into a lightning magnet :)

There are way too many factors involved to be able to just outright
say - never use Wifi.

Heck, I have a 10MB usb adapter for a wired network that would get less
bandwidth than my 11Mb wifi.  Don't see me running around yelping about

Anyway, like mostly everything in the linux / bsd world - IMO you
really need to buy the hardware based on whats supported.  Of course in
a world where manuf change the chip sets without changing the product
name this is not always easy.  Its less painful that way.

Ah well, thats my story

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