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Sat Dec 10 00:04:30 EST 2005

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Pardon me for top-posting, but I've already decided to go wired.

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Duct Tape Tip No. 131:
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On Dec 9, 2005, at 16.21, Nick wrote:

> On 09/12/05, Steve Adeff <adeffs at gmail.com> wrote:
>> transfer speeds are more dependant on harddrive speeds. 802.11b is  
>> faster than
>> your average harddrive (raid withstanding).
> I'd venture this is untrue for both 11b and 11g wireless devices and
> average drives from the past couple of years. 802.11b is 11Mbit/s <
> 1.5MByte/s, and 802.11g is 54MBit/s < 7MByte/s, though in practice
> this may not be achieved.
> For a test, I just transferred a file from a PVR to my Win2K box (2
> year drivers, over a 100M switched network whilst a recording was in
> progress on the PVR) and managed the following:
> f:\76_20051204215900_20051204223000.nuv 943,579,332 bytes, 10880.9  
> kbytes/s
> Use of 802.11b for MythTV is IMO a bit unrealisted, as it is entirely
> likely the bandwidth of a recording may occupy 6MBit/s if using a
> hardware MPEG2 card, which is more than half the theoretical bandwidth
> of the connection. Add in overheads, and you maybe be pushing things
> even trying to play one stream. I've just order a RT2500 based
> wireless card to experiment with a wireless SBE box, so I'll post
> results on this when I've got some. I'm hoping with a 802.11g system,
> playing a stream over the network in both directions may be possible.
> Try transferring a large file between two machines and the current
> differences between wired and wireless networks become obvious quickly
> (assuming the networks are configured normally).
> Nick
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