[mythtv-users] PVR-250 composite-in gives black video---why?

f-myth-users at media.mit.edu f-myth-users at media.mit.edu
Fri Dec 9 05:44:17 EST 2005

In 0.18.1, ivtv 0.4.1:

I'm convinced I'm doing something dumb, but I can't see it.

I'm trying to set up a PVR-250 such that it can record from either
analog cable via its RF-in, or from digital cable via its composite
input, which is connected to a cable box.  I defined two different
lineups at zap2it, one corresponding to each, with the digital lineup
having only one channel enabled (since I'm not trying to change
channels on the cable box under machine control yet---I'm just trying
to get the video signal path working first).  I assigned the digital
lineup to the Composite 0 input of card #0 (e.g., /dev/video0), so
that card now had both Composite 0 and Tuner 0 assigned.

If I try to record an analog channel via RF, it works as it always
did.  If I try to record the single digital channel, I get black
video.  I'm running the backend with "-v all" and see the logging
below, which sure looks like it's trying to change to composite-in.
I've tried plugging the end of the cable that's plugged into the
PVR-250 directly into a TV, and I see video.  I verified that I knew
which card was card 0 by unplugging the RF input while recording via
RF, and sure enough the recording went to snow.

So why am I seeing nothing but black video?  It -does- work to have a
single card set so it switches between RF-in and composite-in, right?

(I haven't tried audio-in yet 'cause I don't have the right kind of
connector.  However, I -do- have one of the A/V cable sets attached as
well to give me a second composite-in; I don't know which composite
input that actually -is- [I'd guess #1, if the one built into the card
is #0], but I don't see video if I plug into that, either, though I
haven't (yet) tried assigning to Composite 1 and then seeing if
plugging in there works.  I was originally running this test on
/dev/video0, and then moved to /dev/video2 in case there was something
wrong with the first card, with no change in behavior; the log below
is from the /dev/video2 run.  That card does -not- have an A/V cable
set attached to it, so it's only got 1 composite input.)

2005-12-09 05:03:19.763 Scheduled 2 items in 0.1 = 0.09 match + 0.01 place
2005-12-09 05:03:19.765 Started recording "201 SUNDAE - 05:00 (Manual Record)" on channel: 2201 on cardid: 3, sourceid 2
2005-12-09 05:03:19.768 Channel(/dev/video2)::SwitchToInput(in 0)
2005-12-09 05:03:19.783 scheduler: Last message repeated 1 times
2005-12-09 05:03:19.786 scheduler: Schedule Change
2005-12-09 05:03:19.786 45      BACKEND_MESSAGE[]:[]SCHEDULE_CHANGE[]:[]empty
2005-12-09 05:03:19.940 Channel(/dev/video2)::SwitchToInput() setting video mode to NTSC
2005-12-09 05:03:19.940 Channel(/dev/video2)::TuneTo(): curList[-1].freq(-1)
2005-12-09 05:03:19.966 51      BACKEND_MESSAGE[]:[]RECORDING_LIST_CHANGE[...
2005-12-09 05:03:19.966 Changing from None to RecordingOnly
2005-12-09 05:03:19.977 Using profile 'Default' to record
2005-12-09 05:03:19.978 Channel(/dev/video2)::CheckSignalFull(): input = 0
2005-12-09 05:03:20.021 Can't enable VBI recording
2005-12-09 05:03:20.021 VBI service:4, packet size:0, io size:0
2005-12-09 05:03:22.273 13      ACCEPT[]:[]15
2005-12-09 05:03:22.279 MainServer::HandleAnnounce Playback
2005-12-09 05:03:22.279 adding: sbe as a client (events: 0)
2005-12-09 05:03:22.279 2       OK
2005-12-09 05:03:22.289 438     QUERY_REMOTEENCODER 6[]:[]MATCHES_RECORDIN...
2005-12-09 05:03:22.301 27      3[]:[][]:[]6543

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