[mythtv-users] Touchscreen

Peter Osterberg Peter at supergirl.se
Fri Dec 9 02:50:21 EST 2005

R. Geoffrey Newbury wrote:
> On Tue, 29 Nov 2005 16:52:30 +0100, Peter Osterberg wrote:
>> Jeff Simpson wrote:
>>>     I have serious thoought of buying one of those expensive boxes with a
>>>     built in touchscreen. This is mainly because I find it annoying to
>>>     have
>>>     to light up my projector when I only want to start a music track. I
>>>     think it would be really cool if all the standard Myth display
>>>     could be
>>>     presented on the touchscreen and the menu could be navigated with just
>>>     my fingertips.
>>> If you are thinking of having multiple screens anyway, why not just go 
>>> the console
>>> with keyboard and mouse route? Use the projector for actually 
>>> displaying video + etc,
>>> and use the monitor for the menu systems. It would probably cost 
>>> significantly less than
>>> a touchscreen system, and you can still operate it with a remote or 
>>> arrow keys very easily.
>> To navigate using the keyboard is of course my second option but it 
>> isn't quite as cool as navigating with a touch screen.
>> I didn't know that it was possible to tweak the Myth GUI to oprerate on 
>> two separate screen as you describe. Are there any HOWTO available that 
>> describes how to set that up?
>> I can see how I can manage to get xine or mplayer to display on any 
>> device using command line options but how do I do this with the "player" 
>> that Myth uses for displaying TV or recorded shows?
> Another route would be to use a programmable remote, such as the Phillips
> Pronto, Marantz RC9500 or Sony RM-VL710 series. All of these are
> programmable with macros. The Phillips and some of the Sony RM-AV series
> have touchscreens. And one of those would be much cheaper than a full
> computer box with touchscreen.
> Lots of cell-phones are java enable these days too, and have bluetooth.
> You could program your cell phone as a remote...
> I have a Sony-Ericsson T610 and there are at least 2 remote programs for
> it...
True but that is a one way solution. I want to see music lists etc, I 
want two way communication in the SAME device.

I can come up with lots of solutions. This one would be really cool and 
that is why I want it.
All other HTPC projects I've seen support this. I think it is sad that 
Myth lacks mouse support since Myth i superiour when it comes to 
everything else.

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