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Fri Dec 9 02:09:43 EST 2005

In the U.S., HDTV is broadcast as MPEG2.  The articles I have read
about HDTV in Europe have said MPEG4 (probably H.264 / MPEG4.10 / AVC)
will be used.  H.264 takes much more CPU horsepower to decode.   A
3GHz P4 may not ave the horsepower to decode it.

On 12/8/05, Steve Adeff <adeffs at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thursday 08 December 2005 13:19, mythtv-users at fastdruid.co.uk wrote:
> > Well seeing as HDTV looks to be coming to the UK next year
> > ( http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/12/01/telewest_goes_live_with_hdtv/ )
> > and we're looking at buying a new HDTV 'ready' TV[1] (1080i) I'm planning
> > to get HDTV playback set up on my myth box. Only problem is I don't know
> > where to start!
> wait till HDTV becomes available before buying a TV. The States are just
> beginning to see 1080p sets hit the market, by the time you get HDTV in the
> UK I'm sure they'll be there as well, and the prices for HDTV's will drop in
> general. No reason to get it now if you won't really be able to use it and
> the prices will go down.
> > I'm currently running a P4 2.8GHz with 1Gb, twin Nova-T's and a 128Mb AGP
> > Nvidia MX440 with the TV out of composite (AV) at 1024x768 and running SuSE
> > 10.0/mythtv 18.1 Disk space is er plenty (2TB+ if need be)
> I'd suggest upgrading the video card to a 6xxx series NVidia GPU. Most support
> component output that will let you use 1080i, or if you do end up with a
> 1080p you will be able to set your resolution to 1920x1080 and output via the
> HDMI port. Again, wait and see where the market is when its time.
> > I've got a few questions that some of our US cousins might be able to help
> > me with :-)
> Your being too kind, I prefer bastard children ;-)
> > 1) How is HDTV connected? Looking at the specs for the TV we're thinking of
> > there's Composite (AV), Y/C (S-Video), ANT (RF), Component (Y/Pb/Pr) and
> > SCART (which you don't have in the US).
> > What type is used for HDTV (or doesn't it matter)?
> Component and DVI/HDMI. SCART, S-Video, and Composite don't have the bandwidth
> availability for HDTV over the wires used.
> Component is an analog method (basically a modified S-Video for higher
> bandwidth. I still maintain S-Video with higher bandwidth abilities would be
> better than component but I digress...).
> HDMI/DVI is "digital". HDMI is the best. Basically, the more HDMI inputs the
> better.
> Oh, and Firewire. Some HDTV's will have firewire inputs. relatively useless
> for connecting a computer right now, but great for some cable boxes and DVHS
> decks.
> > 2) Will the MX440 be powerful enough or will I need a newer card?
> see above.
> > 3) Am I likely to need more processing power (I've got a 3GHz P4 in another
> > box I could swap over if need be but would I need more than that).
> the 2.8 should be fine. Wait till the time comes and see if the cost of a
> faster CPU is worth it.
> > 4) Are my existing recordings going to look awful (PAL 768x576).
> yes. most SD material looks bad on HDTV even when its all digital. My dad has
> a 50" Sony Grand Wega III (oh. my. god. is it nice....jealous) and with his
> SD cable channels it looks ok considering the source, and possibly better
> than a 50" SD TV would, but once you get used to HDTV you'll consider it
> pretty poor...
> > 5) Am I just wasting my time? Seeing as the recordings (for probably at
> > _least_ 8 months until HDTV actually gets here) would still be in SDTV
> > would I even notice any difference?
> Wait till HDTV gets there then look into it again.
> > I'm assuming that HDTV recording is going to need a HDTV compatible tuner
> > card and even assuming they put HDTV out on the freeview channels the
> > Nova-T's just won't cut it but I'm hoping the new box would have a firewire
> > out or by that time there would be a UK HDTV card.
> The European TV technology is so drastically different than the States your
> best bet is to wait and see how they plan on doing things.
> > [1] One of these
> > http://www.samsung.com/uk/products/television/crt/ws32z308paxxeu.asp
> www.avsforum.com
> don't buy home theatre equipment without first referencing this forum. They're
> a bunch of perfectionists, but they understand budgets. I usually just post
> similar to:
> "I've got $xx to spend on a Yyyyy. What are some of my best options?" and
> you'll get good responses of models to look into.
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Druid
> >
> hope this helps.
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> Steve
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