[mythtv-users] mythbackend can't find channel is database

Paul Andreassen paulx at andreassen.com.au
Fri Dec 9 00:37:47 EST 2005

On Thu, 8 Dec 2005 05:53 pm, Mitko Haralanov wrote:
> 	After playing with the channel setup and number, I finally have
> all the channels that I can receive over the air with their correct
> channel number in the database and Zap2It with the correct listings.
> 	However, now I am having a problem getting mythbackend to find
> the channels in the database so it can get the channel options. I get
> the following messages in the log:
> 2005-12-07 23:41:31.131 DVB#0 Using DVB card 0, with frontend pcHDTV HD3000
> HDTV. 2005-12-07 23:41:31.134 DVB#0 ERROR - Unable to find channel in
> database. 2005-12-07 23:41:31.135 DVB#0 ERROR - Failed to get channel
> options for channel . 2005-12-07 23:41:31.138 DVB#0 Recorder: Card opened
> successfully (using PS mode). 2005-12-07 23:41:31.149 DVB#0 ERROR - No PIDS
> set, please correct your channel setup.
> 	I know that the No PIDs message means that the staring channel
> is invalid. I tried setting the starting channel to 2_1 (that channel is
> in the database with that channel number) but I get the same message
> and when I look in the database, the startchan field of the HD3000 in
> the cardinput table is empty!!
> 	Is the problem that mythbackend does not know how to accept
> channels of the form 2_1? If that is the problem, how should the
> channels be represented?

My guess is that you didn't restart 'mythbackend' after setting the 'starting 
channel' in 'mythtv-setup'


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