[mythtv-users] XBox Media Center Question

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Thu Dec 8 19:18:25 EST 2005

On Thu, 2005-08-12 at 09:38 -0600, Kichigai Mentat wrote:
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> On Dec 8, 2005, at 04.01, Phill Edwards wrote:
> >> I think I have a bigger issue with my XBMC install.  I can't seem to
> >> play any video mpeg with mplayer.  It locks up.  It's possible  
> >> that the
> >> build of XBMC that I got isn't the best.  Anyone have suggestions  
> >> on a
> >> place to get the binary downloads?  Email me if you don't want to  
> >> post
> >> to the group.
> >>
> >> I also have the python scripts installed for Myth.  My cards/myth  
> >> don't
> >> create .nuv files, they create .mpg files.  I assume these are  
> >> mpeg4 or
> >> am I wrong on this?  Mplayer should be able to play these shouldn't
> >> they?
> >
> > I'll bet my right one that your files are MPEG4 recordings. The
> > mplayer.dll that comes with XBMC won't play them and you need to get a
> > patched version. Search the archives for mplayer.dll over the last
> > couple of weeks 'cos I think someone put a link up to where you could
> > get it. Let me know if you can't find it as I may be able to help.
> How old is your version of XBMC? I have a version from 10/31/05 and  
> it plays everything I throw at it. I had a version from around July,  
> and it even had the software to decode H.264/x264 (though the CPU  
> couldn't stand the load).
> My advice is find a torrent tracker (try http://bt.xbox-sky.com:8080  
> All they deal with is XBox software) and download the latest version.
> >

Well I have video playing but no Myth livetv.  But thats ok -- I moved
back to a recent SVN version so I'm not surprised it isn't working.
I'll have to look into the scripts or look for a cvs version that might
work.  Not sure how the scripts pick up the buffer file name so that
could possibly be the only issue with it.  Not sure how nice its going
to be since I'm rather spoiled with with a full running Mythtv version
on xbox linux.


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