[mythtv-users] What's your recording file size?

Raphael Pooser rpooser at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 17:24:37 EST 2005

korebantic wrote:

>Arggh, that's where its hiding! Thanks.
>On 12/8/05, Raphael Pooser <rpooser at gmail.com> wrote:
>>korebantic wrote:
>>>I'm getting a bit lost in the settings with MythTv -- where do you
>>>setup automatic transcoding? I figured out how to transcode after a
>>>recording has already occured...
>>One way is in the job settings section of the recording options.
>>When you go to schedule a new recording, there is a section called "job
>>options" or "post recording processing" or something to that effect in
>>the recording options menu.  You can set a job over there.
>>The main way to do it from the mythtv settings is inside recording
>>profiles though.
>>On one page of the recording profile you are setting up (recording
>>profiles is under settings>TV settings> recording profiles
>>There is a checkbox for "automatically transcode.
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Probably what I wrote before was not very clear-sorry.  Say you start 
out at the main menu; there is "watch TV" "media library", etc. on that 
page.  From there , at the bottom there is an option, "utilities/setup", 
unless you renamed it yourself in one of the xml files (or maybe it got 
renamed in an svn version).  Go and select the utilities/setup option.  
In there you will have a bunch of options "general" "media settings" "TV 
settings" etc.  Select TV settings, and in that menu there is going to 
be an option "recording profiles".  Select that and then select the 
profile you normally use to record TV, probably called "default".  In 
there go through the pages hitting next and around the third to last 
page there should be an option to automatically transcode recordings I 
I haven't actually checked the box myself; I don't autotranscode.  But 
I'm pretty sure I remember seeing it in the recording profiles section.  
Can someone correct me if I'm wrong?  I can't actually go and check the 
machine right now as I'm not home.
The other thing I was saying before was when you record a program you 
could go and edit the options and set a user job to run.  this way you 
can transcode on a show by show basis.  Maybe some shows you are 
archiving while others you're watching right away then throwing away etc.

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