[mythtv-users] lightweight TV user-interface

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Thu Dec 8 15:22:45 EST 2005

> OK.  Here's a simple customization.  Democracy Now is available each
> weekday after 12pm eastern.  The video link is (currently) of the form
> http://play.rbn.com/?url=demnow/demnow/demand/%Y/%b/video/dnB%Y%m%da.rm&proto=rtsp
> (at least in english language locales).  I would like to have a menu

 Mythweb is written in PHP, it should be fairly trivial to edit and add
a link to the appropriate URL for any particular day.

 And FYI mythweb is not a browser, it's a web interface to the mythscheduler
and recording information. For adding/changing/removing scheduled recordings
and so on. From reading this thread I'm uncertain if everyone is on the 
same page.

 And seriously if all you are looking for is a basic menu frontend
to access downloaded recordings, or online video streams I would say
myth is not optimal for your needs. I would suggest maybe freevo
which is more of a menu to other content and uses a lot
of Python code.

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