[mythtv-users] STAY AWAY FROM WI-FI !!!

Franco mythtv at email.it
Thu Dec 8 11:40:01 EST 2005

> I have an 802.11g wireless network at home, and it works perfectly.
> you probably have either very thick walls, lots of metal around

Yes, I have a 3-floors house, with very thick walls/floors/ceilings
made of iron and concrete.

> Are you saying that you were just unable to get enough throughput on  
> you WiFi card?

Yes, with the 811.g I was barely able to tranfer files
at about 30 KB/sec (when the link wasn't down).

> Or were you just unable to maintain a reliable signal?

Both things. The signal wasn't reliable at all, but even
when I had the signal, performances were very poor.
Under Linux, I used a ping -f to keep the connectiopn up.
The windows machines were basically network-less.

> But I suppose I'll look into that electical networking stuff.
> My only concern is the cost.

It's worth it. They are not only faster and reliable,
they are also plug-and-play. I didn't even open the
enclosed CDs... just plugged the adapter in a free plug,
and I was networked....
remember, you'll have to look for cards supported by linux, 
and probably fight a lot with kernel modules and configuration
scripts, to get the wi-fi up and running (even it things
may be easier now than one year ago on Fedora core 2)

> Also, you have to be careful with this kind of network because it can be 
> accessed by anyone on your side of the transformer.

Well, that device has also a way for encrypting the transmitted data...
at least the risk is limited to my neighbours.
If you really manage to get a working wi-fi, anybody passing by
the street could connect to your LAN...


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