[mythtv-users] mythtvburn (web script) hangs

greg at nodecam.com greg at nodecam.com
Thu Dec 8 11:27:48 EST 2005

>    I managed to install the mythtvburn script and it's deps., but when I
> try
> to trigger it, it starts up & just sits there.
>    I have a feeling it's sat displaying a ProjectX licenese agreement in
> the
> invisible Xvfb.
>    Any clues as to a first step debugging this?  Can I 'get at' the Xvfb
> display?

If that's the issue (and it certainly could be.) then just start up
ProjectX once manually to accept the terms with a normal X session.  Once
you've accepted it once, it won't ask you to again, and things should be

Check the MythBurn log file in the mythburn/temp directory to see if
that's actually the issue though.


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