[mythtv-users] DVB-T PCI Cards

Neil Bird neil at fnxweb.com
Thu Dec 8 10:52:30 EST 2005

Around about 04/12/05 22:22, Lee typed ...
> DVB cards are cheap, buy three... works for me :) haven't had a clash 
> since I did :)

   Maybe you can enlighten me;  I've asked this before, but the question's 
always been lost in the noise.

   How do channel nos. work with multiple DVB cards (or DVB+others)?  Do you 
have, say, '1 == BBC1', and you can toggle between tuners, or do you have to 
set up 1==BBC1/tuner1, 101=BBC1/tuner2?

   What should I expect in 0.19?  I understand that DVB auto-tuning is now 
/not/ in the current SVN, so I should be able to/have to always set up 
manually, meaning easier channel-number management.

   I currently use a PVR-350 connected to a Sky box, using nos. 101-999.  I 
don't use the analogue tuner part of the card.  I know that Sky will be 
sperading up into the 1000s soon, and I also know that some default DVB 
channels (radio?) are now in the 100s.  I plan to get a DVB card or two next 
year to go in parallel with this;  will that be workable?

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