[mythtv-users] Building a Basic MythTV box

Kichigai Mentat kichigai at comcast.net
Thu Dec 8 00:53:21 EST 2005

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On Dec 7, 2005, at 22.50, Michael Weinbergs - Network Administrator  

> I had this shoestring running for a while (actually - a 20Gb drive  
> - but you get the picture - the more space you have the more you  
> get for storage of recordings) running on a 800Mb Coppermine/128Mb  
> ram (processor is more important than ram). Using an Avermedia 761  
> DVB-T card (in Australia). You'll be severely limited in what/ 
> howmuch you can store - but it should work "functionally" - I used  
> it to watch TV in the garage and recorded the occasional program.
Well, I'm in America, so we don't have the advantage of those fancy  
DVB cards you get. I'm working with a "dumb" capture card (Digital-to- 
analog card).
> Now running with 1000Mb Coppermine backend and 180Gb of disk (scsi  
> with LVM works great).
> Frontend is the 800Mhz coppermine and works perfectly!
> In Mythtv you can specify where to store your files... So if it is  
> on the same partition as the OS... Then who cares?! Its only a  
> folder as far as Myth is concerned.
> I simply added a new drive volume, moved all of the files from / 
> recording to that new partition, then mounted the partition as / 
> recording - worked fine!
Yeah, I should have realized that, but I wasn't sure if MythTV was  
going to go all weird if I changed filesystems on it.
> Also..
> You don't need to worry about the "subnet" thing.
> In essence if you can ping it then you *should* be fine.
> If you have a firewall in between - then you'll need to allow the  
> ports (backend/sql) through...
Ahh, well, then we *may* have a problem.
> But you also you mentioned "wireless" - be careful that your not  
> using 802.11b ("11Mb") - I did - and it's not enough bandwidth....  
> Choppy video = ugly! 802.11b @ 56Mb or better!
Now we DEFINITELY have a problem. We only have an 802.11b system, and  
our wired network is only 10 Mbits anyway. Aside from completely  
redoing out entire network, any suggestions? Also, if my front-end  
and back-end are different machines, is it still possible to do live  
TV viewing?
> Good luck!
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> Hello. I'm looking into making a basic MythTV box for now (with  
> every intent of building a better one later when I have more money,  
> so we're talking about minimal cash right now) out of an AMD Athlon  
> 850 MHz and 256 MB RAM. I'm planning to use this only as a back  
> end, and using my XBox as a front-end.
> The machine has a 10 GB hard disk, and I'm planning on using  
> KnoppMyth. I have a hard disk with either 8 or 10 GB (not sure right
> now) capacity. Is it possible to configure MythTV to use one hard  
> disk for all the software and the live TV cache, and the other hard  
> disk as a location for recording television shows?
> I also read in the MythTV documentation that hard disk usage is...
> "700 megabytes/hour for MPEG-4, 2 GB/hour for MPEG-2 and RTjpeg and  
> 7 GB/hour for ATSC HDTV."
> (http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-3.html#ss3.1)
> Are all these numbers for maximum quality? Is it possible to modify  
> the bitrate for MPEG-4 and RTjpeg?
> Also, do the MythTV Front end and the back end need to be on the  
> same subnet? I'm thinking I may need to use an old laptop as a  
> wired- wireless bridge for the XBox.
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