[mythtv-users] Re: XBox Media Center Question

Casey Dunn casey.dunn at sbcglobal.net
Wed Dec 7 22:03:43 EST 2005

  Actually I am using a T3CH version.  Should it be a fairly new one? The 
one I have is dated August 7th. I'm downloading a 'PIMPED' version now 
to try. 
  T3CH builds are the best, a new one should show up about once a  week.  There are seveal bittorrent sites as well as some non US  xbox sites that offer it for download as does the 'usual places'.
  .mpg files should be MPEG 2, stock XBMC should play them with out  issue.  Are they locking up while playing or does FF/RR,SKIP cause  the lock up?  Are you sure it's not a network issue, streaming  video is  a lot of bandwidth.
    divix/mpeg4 would be in a .nuv and you'd need the patched mplayer.dll to play them.
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